Chatting and Texting with Peter Wittendorp

On monday (7 June 2010), I spent 1.5 hours texting Peter and another 30mins chatting with him over the phone. He was in China for business. As usual, we flirted and teased each other. But we also talked about work as well. You see, with Suave, I could switched from sex to work to personal topics and we would still have a lot to talk about. I enjoy his friendship a lot.  Although I don’t get to see him as often as I want and sometimes we don’t even talk for a month or two or even up to 1 year, but yet we are always comfortable with each other.

I asked him when is he heading to KL and he said he will try to find some time soon. Not sure when, but when he knows he is coming he will definitely gives me enough notice to make sure I’m around town. But in case he has to come to KL and I’m not around, then too bad. Me and him, we have a very good understanding. If I’m in town, we will meet up. If not, then next time.

It took me 4 years of knowing him and 2 fall outs before we became so comfortable with each other. After each fall out, I thought we wouldn’t keep in touch anymore as we didn’t talk to each for a period of time (9 months to 1 year), but after the cool off period we were back to talking term and resumed where we last left off. That’s the beauty of our friendship……we never miss a beat and we never feel awkward around each other.

I have to confess, before the fall outs I wasn’t so open and direct with him, but after those incidents we have a very clear understanding. Life is funny and full of surprises. Sometimes when I want something badly, I never get it. But when I let go and move on, unexpected things will happen ;-)!! So now, I’m doing my best to let go and put aside things that are not important to me and concentrate on things that I have control and bring me tremendous fulfillment in my life, such as my business.

After all, men come and go so why should I get so upset and hung up about their presence in my life. And I’m very sure I will be able to find a real man who will loves and accepts me for who I am. Until that day comes, I will just have to love myself double!!! 😀😘

Anyway, I do hope to see Peter in KL soon!!


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