Tolerate Cheating?

I’m surrounded by successful women who put up with and tolerate their cheating, lying and abusive husband. Some even blamed themselves for their shitty husband behaviours and continue to forgive and accept them back into their life. The women reasons are the kids need their dad or financially it is better to have the abusive, cheating lying husband around than his absence. Some of the husbands were not only lying and cheating, but also verbally and physically abusive to the wife and yet she welcomed him back into the house and onto the bed, sleeping next to him on a daily basis.

I really don’t understand why a successful, financially secure and decent looking wife is willing to put up with the husband abusive and shitty behaviour? Is this really love? Or is it fear of raising the kids alone? Or is it the fear of public stigma and being label a failure? Where do these women find the strength to forgive?? Some of these husbands don’t deserve even deserve a 2nd chance, but were given and the same shits happened again. It was like groundhog day, history repeated itself.

Some of these husbands were not only lying and cheating, they even accused the wife of cheating and  started to scheme and plan to exact revenge and began their cheating quest. They created stories that were so believing, even perfecting their act until the other woman fell for their sob stories. They could mastered their pain and hurt so well that the other woman could actually felt the man pain and hurst caused by the so called cheating wife and couldn’t find any loophole in their stories. The cheating man used the other woman’s trust in him and played with her feeling. Once a woman trust a man, she will trust him until he gives her reason to doubt and questions his trusts for him!

The cheating and lying husband could be so great in acting that he should be given an Oscar for his excellent acting skills.  Hahahaha!! The cheating and lying husband even told the other woman, “if she isn’t the mother of my son she would not have gotten away with her shits”……and this wasn’t the 1st time the cheating husband said or hinted that he would get a divorce. A woman in love will never question the honesty and sincerity of the man she’s with because she never thought that the man she respected and cherished would be so good at playing mind game, scheming, planning and executing such a massive lie just to cheat!! To accuse his own wife of cheating…..that will never cross any women mind. The man not only lied to his wife, but he also lied to himself and the other woman he cheated with. And yet when shits hit the fan, the other woman is to be blamed, but not the cheating husband that created and cooked up such a twisted and massive lie and sob story just to make himself better for cheating!!

And the wife after finding out the half truth, decided to accept and forgive the cheating and lying husband back into her life and onto her bed. I’m a woman myself. I know how weak and soft-hearted women can be. I know how much craps and shits we could take and tolerate before we put down our feet and say enough is enough!! I know we hope that the incident was a one-off and time will heal the wound and my life will be back to normal again. I know we don’t want to lose and feel like a failure because we are successful in our career, so how could we feel in our personal life?

As women, we will convince ourselves that for the sake of kids and financial, we should at least give that cheating and lying man another chance to repent himself. Some women are lucky to have their husband back and their marriage lasted till they die. Some are not so lucky. But think about it, how could a wife accept the facts that she doesn’t knows what her husbands think anymore? How could she sleeps next to a man that made a vow not to hurt, lie and cheat on her did all that? Doesn’t she feel scare sleeping next to a man who promised to protect her, but in the end broke her heart and trust and caused her immense pain and she still called it LOVE???

The man she married turns into a stranger and yet she called it LOVE?? Hmmmm……..only women will put up and tolerate those shits mentioned above. All the above are true stories told to me by people I know. I don’t judge and definitely don’t have any right to judge their choice and decision, but as a woman I do feel dumbfounded at times with our own actions and behaviours. Hahahaha!

Anyway, I guess it is a woman’s gift and also a curse to be tolerating. I’m one of the guilty ones too, until I couldn’t accept it anymore! Or when my threshold is breached. Everyone of us has something in us that we won’t tolerate and I found out what’s mine few weeks ago.

Point for women to ponder :-)!!!!


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