Peter – 22.1.10 (cont from previous post)

Reading back these old posts brought back memories I had forgotten. That’s why I enjoy writing. More old posts to be posted as part of my blog migration process.


He emailed me to ask if I was in town as he was due to be in KL in the next few days as he wanted to see me. I told him yes and he was ecstatic. He got in a few days later and I received his sms when I was rushing out for an appointment with a client. In his message he said he couldn’t meet me as he had a dinner meeting so not sure what time he finished. I replied back and said ok, next time then. I was extremely busy on that day with 3 back to back appointments plus a dinner date with my dad. By the time I finished dinner and drove home, it was already nearly 10pm. I was extremely exhausted and all I wanted to do was sleep early. I took a nice hot shower and washed my hair. As I stepped out from my bathroom, an sms came in. And it was from him. How come I remember so well ;-)?? Because it was the night where I dragged myself out of the house at 11.30pm to see and hangout with him. Haha!!

Where was I?? Oh yea, sms from him. He asked me where was I and I said home. He said home so early?? I said yea….tired as I had a long day. Then he asked me to go out for drinks with him. I answered back “I thought you don’t have time to see me”. He said he told me so because he wasn’t sure when he was going to finish and now that he was done, he wanted to see me. I told him no, I’m tired and I have a few meetings tomorrow. If he wanted to talk to me, then he can call me. He did and immediately he begged me to go out when I answered the phone. I told him it was late and by the time I reached his hotel, picked him up and headed to my favourite club it will be nearly 1 am. And the place closed at 2am so all in all we only get to spend 1 hour together, what was the point. He said it doesn’t matter as long as he gets to see me. He pleaded with me until I said yes :-)!! I warned him that I would dressed casually as I was really tired. He said no problem because he said I looked good no matter what I wore. Mmmmmmmmmmm, scored points again!!! Muhahahahaha!!!!

I wore a pair of white skinny jeans and a white lace crossed back shirt and my hair was still wet as I didn’t had time to blow dry it. I drove to his hotel and called him when I was on my way. When I reached he was already waiting for me at the lobby. He was in a simple black polo t-shirt and jeans. Looked tantalizing :-)!! He hopped into my car and off we went to my favourite club, Zeta Bar at KL Hilton. We reached there around 1am. The band was playing but wasn’t good at all. We ordered our drinks and listened to the band played. They were really bad and we couldn’t stopped complaining. But it was ok because we weren’t there for the band, but to spend time with each other. It was really nice to smell his cologne and had him nuzzled my neck and his arms around my slim waist ;-)!!! His chest is wide so when I leaned on him it was really comfortable. He turned me around and gave me a hot and passionate french kiss!! I don’t know how to describe, but I really love to be embraced by him. I love feeling his strong arms around me. Safe and comfortable.

He knew I was tired so around 2ish in the morning he took my hand and left the place. I had troubled keeping my eyes opened and he was really caring as he gently massaged my neck. Thinking about it now puts a big 🙂 on my face!!! Anyway, I sent him back to his hotel and before he got down from my car he gave me a nice long kissed. Although we only kissed, but both of us had a great night out as we enjoyed each other company. That’s one of the many reasons why I like him :-)!!


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