Our old SMSes 📱

On June 27.6.16, I emailed to Peter all the SMSes that I are stored in my iCloud so that he has a set of whatever I still have. We are the only 2 people in the world to have all these SMSes so if any of it would to leak out, it will be from either one of us. Those SMSes would be very damaging to our image if expose so if I’m a devious person like he accused me, I would have posted it long time ago. Until today, I only write about us. I didn’t provide irrefutable proof to confirm our lovership. He could easily dispute all my posts I wrote about him and use. If I want to damage his image, I would use the easiest method – post the SMSes and not spending time writing about him. I’m writing because of my pent up emotions and feelings and I need an outlet to release it.

If he just takes time to think it thru and put together of his understanding of me, he should be able to figure out my main reason for blogging about him and I. If only he doesn’t assume and jump to conclusion. Anyway, doesn’t matter anymore.

To be honest, it feels good to give him a set of those SMSes. I told him he can do whatever he wants with it and show it to whoever he wants. I really don’t care :-)! Reading back those SMSes it did brought back some smiles on my face. We did had some great time and great chemistry.

Too bad it is all gone now. Oh well, time to sleep…..till my next post :-)!


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