Organ Donor Signed Up

23.10.14- I did something that I never thought about doing until 2 nights ago when I watched a mini-series. In that episode, the characters were talking about signing up to become an organ donor after death and a bulb was lighted up in my brain that I should do that as well.

I thought to myself that if my organs are still useful when I die, it should be donated to someone who needs it so that the other person has a 2nd chance in life. Life is about giving back. It isn’t just about taking and taking and taking.

I just want to give back because at the end of the day I can never take away anything when I die. If we are more giving and tolerant of each other, the world will be a better and peaceful place to live.

I told my dad and he asked me why I had such thought suddenly. I told him my reasons and he supported me. I wish my future partner will support my decision too, but I will not know until I have one in my life. For now, it is purely my own decision to make.

I hope there will be more people in this world that will consider to donate their organ when they passed away. It will give other people a chance to continue living even after our own death. We won’t need our organs anymore when we die so why not benefit people who really need it and without us donating they will die too. If by signing up as an organ donor it allow us to save 1 life, it means our life is well lived. Not by us, but by another person. I think nothing is more charitable then to give another chance to someone else to live when ours have ended.

I just hope by the time I die, my organs are still useable. I hope more people will consider and sign up to become an organ donor. My wish…..


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