It is truly liberating to gain back control of my life and write openly about anything and everything, anyone and everyone, including myself. No one can hold me ransom anymore. No one can use my past with Peter and threaten me further with exposure because I’m volunteering the information myself. Not an easy decision (he will goes ballistic if he reads my posts about us), but it was necessary. I asked him nicely to get his team of IT expert to remove those nasty posts posted on the internet about us, but he didn’t. I tried to write to those websites administrator but failed. Only managed to do on 1 website. Since he doesn’t care to remove and my name is associated with him, I thought the best way for me moving forward will be to write about Peter & I personally. It is my story, my life and my experienced, hence I should have the right to present my side of the story which includes my thoughts, feelings (good, bad and ugly) in my own blog. No one can control me and my life except myself.

Beside, I’m tired of those vicious harassment and I definitely don’t want to be a victim anymore. Really don’t give a rat shit about the name calling by the harasser. I had already explained and informed those who are on the need to know basis so I had covered my base. I’m prepare to lose it all as long as I gain back control and have the upper hand over my own life. Which I do now 😎!

So this will be my final mentioned about the harassment topic. Subject closed!!


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