IT Idiot

I asked Peter before why am I being targeted? I commented maybe someone really hate me so much. His replied to me was…..”no, you weren’t the target and no one hates you. Someone hates me and ‘her’. You are an innocent bystander”. He said all the harassment started way before I was in the picture with him. I couldn’t help wondering if he has amnesia and forgotten what he said to me. Or he consciously chose to forget what he told me so that he could made me the bad person?? He also told me that emails and messages can be fabricated or changed from the originals. Hmmm……sounds like part of a plot in a stolen identity movie. Haha. I’m not sure of anything anymore except the fact that he can twists and turns his story to suit his mood and circumstances. Every few days a different version of the facts or stories were churned out. If he was in a good mood, then the version would be me and him against the invisible force. If he was in a lousy and shitty mood, the version would be everyone against him including me. He turned super paranoid and negative!! Impossible to pull him out of his negative thinking and darkness! Oh well, he isn’t a friend anymore so I don’t need to care and worry about him further. Beside he doesn’t deserves me to continue to care and worry about him after how he treated me!! Let some other women who want to tolerate his shitty attitude to deal with him.

Anyway, I’m really curious to know how to fabricate emails and messages. I had seen it in movie and it looked damn complicated. I will never be able to do it as I’m a certified IT idiot! I have weekly conference call with my corporate client and until now I still couldn’t figure out how to dial in using Skype. No joke. Tried so many times, but failed each time. Haha. Another time, a different client reminded me to print screen before I sent the evident to the landlord to proof that I was authorised by them to secure the office space for them. And I spent 5 mins trying to figure out how to print screen and in the end I had to ask an ex-colleague to show me how to do it!! I felt like an idiot! A top real estate consultant sucks at IT. But the most embarrassing moment was when I couldn’t figure out how to log out of a phone system!! Hahahahaha! Not kidding. I asked my colleague and he laughed at me before he told me just pressed the log out button underneath the screen!! it was the most embarrassing and yet hilarious episode!

And two days ago I had to ask my client to help me to insert a graph into a power point presentation as the graph was 2x bigger than the slide in the power point. I’m a klutz when it comes to IT. Saving a PDF file into smaller size also I don’t know how to do it. My colleague she showed me before, but I forgot so until now hasn’t figure it out yet. Hahaha.

So when he told me about hacking, fabricating, IP address and other internet related matters, I couldn’t comprehend how it works. My personal email account was compromised and some very personal emails got leaked out. Before all these madness happened, I never logged out of my email account. But now I do. He scolded and reminded me to do so. It is a bit too late because my account was compromised. I did some researched and found out that people could actually duplicate all my emails remotely or something like that. Sigh!!

Oh well, I will need to be more alert and IT savvy so that my account will not be breached or compromised again!! Ok time to sleep……


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