Corporate Life Not My Cup of Tea

300% confirmed I’m not cut out for corporate life. I feel so constraint and confine working in a corporate structure. I dislike SOP and I hate having to play secretary on some corporate deals. My time is valuable and to spend it on paperwork is just not the most efficient use of my talent and time. I enjoy the freedom to do things my way and still achieving the most optimum results for all parties involve. I thought I could challenge myself and try to fit into the corporate culture mold, I just couldn’t. Correction, I don’t mind working in a dynamic corporate culture, but not stuffy, rigid and protocol corporate culture!

It annoys me when I have to go back and forth, back and forth on a topic and still unable to reach a decision. I wish I can just deal with it directly, but I can’t because of company procedures and protocols that is preventing me to deal with the issue my way and directly.

As I get older, I don’t like structures. I don’t like to play by the book. I like flexibility and creativity. I hate when people become so petty about the unimportant details……just to make them look important and perfect! I can see the answers and solutions in front of my eyes, but yet I can’t take charge to execute it.

At my stage, I’m working for pleasure and enjoyment. Financial reward is important, but not my main goal. As long as my handwork is fairly and reasonably compensated, I’m happy. I will fight for what I want. And I can’t be pressured to deliver results. I only perform well when I’m being left alone. Hahaha.

Oh oh, another reason I’m not cut out for corporate life is the inflexible working hours. At least in my current job. I’m a night owl so I think better at night than in the daytime. I’m like a vampire. Daylight, I want to sleep. Hahahaha! So in the daytime, especially if I don’t get enough sleep my brain can’t function and I can’t think clearly. And I get irritated and grouchy easily. I prefer flexible working hours as long as I get my work done and I’m delivering results.

Anyway, I will stick it out for awhile until I really can’t take it anymore……

Newsflash (17.6.16):

I don’t think I will last very long in my job as I’m really suffocating. I’m doing the same shit all over again for lesser amount of reward. I thought by joining a new organisation I would get to learn new things and etc, but in reality I’m just doing the very thing that made me took a 2 years break previously. If I have to do the same shit and take craps from clients, the reward better be great because if not it isn’t worth it at all!!! Anyway, I already know what I want to do for the next 2 years. And working within the corporate structure is definitely not in my agenda at all!!


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