Peter Wittendorp always complaint that I’m the most blunt women and person he had ever met. He said sometimes my bluntness were hard to accept. Haha. Ya I’m super blunt and when I’m upset or angry or mad or piss off, my bluntness is two folds. Now, probably 3 folds. LOL!

I asked him before if it isn’t me, would he tolerated and put up with the bluntness? If it is another woman, would he allowed it? He said no. It isn’t in his nature to accept and tolerate my level of bluntness and I believed him. I asked him why he tolerated me? At that time he said because he values our friendship and me as a good friend. But now I think he will give a different answer. I can actually try to go into his mind and guess what he is thinking. I think I can get it about 80%-90% correctly. Maybe when I have more free time, my mind is cleared and my emotions/feelings for him are under control I will try to analyse him. Again, he dislikes when I analyse him. He actually told me a few times in the past that I possess very good 6th sense and I could actually guessed what he were thinking. I asked him how many percent do I understand him and he said 90%!!

Anyway, I’m a very blunt person and I had told him that many times in the past. I told him I will never be tamed by anyone including him. And he can forget about trying to change or mould me into someone. I will always be myself. Accept me for me or leave me! And to be fair to him, he had tolerated and put up with me. Knowing him decently well in certain aspects, he won’t put up if it is other women especially if those women are just friends. So for him to tolerate me and let me lashed out at him when I was stressed or mad or pissed off, that was 1 of the reasons I loved him among other reasons.

Honestly, I wouldn’t put up with him for so long if I didn’t love him. If we were just good friends, I wouldn’t tolerated the shit he puts me thru and allowed him to break my heart so many times. Just curious…..a question for my readers – would a man tolerate a woman’s bluntness and lashing if she is just a good friend to the man? Just trying to figure out how men think and act only.

I think blunt people are the most honest people because they don’t filter their thoughts hence they speak their mind too often. Because they don’t filter their thoughts, they just blurt out whatever words that come to mind. Yes it might be unrefined or even come across as rude sometimes, but at least it is an honest thought. Understand not many people can accept bluntness. He was one of them, but I have to give him credit for learning how to tolerate me. I’m a fair person so if he was nice I would admit. If he acted like a JERK or a DOUCHEBAG I will not hesitate to say it out too. Haha.

Anyway….. (his favourite word! haha)


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