22.1.10 – My 1st post about Peter

I have known Peter for about 4 years now. The first time we met was at a construction site. I met him through business. He was a client as the company he worked for was looking to buy a commercial office building in KL and I was trying to sell him the property :-)!! When I first saw him, I was like wow!!! In a good way yea…hehe!

His colleague did the introduction and the handshakes went around with the exchanged of name cards. After the formality, we sat down on the meeting table and the owner started the presentation. His colleague seated in between us and thank god because it took a lot of my self-control to not mis-behaved!!! Hahaha!! I stole glances at him, checking him out from head to toe to his cuff links. Simple and tasteful. After the presentation, we went over to the construction site and walked up the uneven staircases to checkout the floors. No lifts because the building was still under construction so I have to climb the stairs in my heels. Yup, I was wearing heels and a dress on that day. Why?? Because I’m crazy :-)!!!!

Frankly, I couldn’t remembered that I was wearing a dress until he reminded me when we talked about that particular day later into our fling. In fact, he told me he can still see me vividly in his mind even today. To be precise, he could see my sexy butts through the dress I had on! I told him my dress wasn’t sheer so he shouldn’t be able to see my butts at all!! He said ‘oh no baby, you are wrong.’ He told me he could see very clearly because when I walked down the stairs and out of the building, he was right behind me and with the aid of the sunlight he saw thru my dress. He told me that when he saw that, he wanted to grab me and fuck me there and then :-)!!! He only told me this about a year back when we reminisced about how long we have known each other, where we met and what was his first impression of me!!!

He told me his 1st impression of me was sexy, hot, naughty, smart and professional. I asked him why naughty when I was very well behaved on that day. He agreed I was well behaved, but he said because of what he saw on that day he couldn’t helped thinking I’m a naughty woman!!!!!!! Muahahaha!!! Crazy and unbelievable!! And he always teased me about that ‘faithful’ day whenever he sees me. Or he will texts me and asked me what I’m wearing on that day down to my bra and panties so that he could pictured me in his mind and stripped me naked!!! ;)!! See what I have to put up with!!! Haha…..ok, ok, I admit I enjoy him tremendously, whether he is here physically or his sms or emails. He always managed to cheer me up and he can relates to my problems in work because we are in the same industry. He buys properties and I sell them. Don’t need to explain why I’m stress or piss off as he knows for he goes thru the same thing as me as well. Don’t think that buying properties are easy because it is not. Involves a lot of process from start to finish!!

Anyway, our fling only started about 2 years ago and since I don’t see him very often, our time together were usually fun, exciting, hot and passionate. He is a gentleman I would say even though he looks very much like a very naughty, naughty man!!! He also gave very good massage. Excellent fingers :-)!!!  And he is one of the few men who can persuades me to drag my tired cute butts out of my house at 11.30pm on a working day  :-)!! Will tell more in my next post.

I like him because he likes me when I was not as delicious as now. Hehe!! Honestly, although I have always been sexy and hot, but 4 years ago I wasn’t as good as now. I definitely love my body much, much more now because I’m more toned and fit. But to him, I was hot and sexy 4 years ago so not much difference to him, except now I’m naughtier, hotter and sexier. Luckily I toned up without losing my curves :-)!!!!

To be continued…….


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