15.2.10 Peter Wittendorp surprised Me

Was going thru my very very private blog and realised that I had wrote 95 posts about him. 10 long years we had known each other.


I’m going thru my brain data bank right now to find more reasons why I enjoyed Peter so much and one memory I managed to dug out was the time we spent sms-ing each other about a year ago. I remembered I got home from work and forgot to off my phone, which I normally do every night. But it was also because of my forgetfulness that I got one of the best memories from Suave. I was having dinner and out of the blue I heard the message alert tone from my phone so I got up to check my message and it was from Peter, which I was kinda surprised to receive because I didn’t expect to hear from him. In his sms he asked me what was I doing?? I told him I was thinking about him. He asked me what about him?? I told him I was thinking about him. He was happy to hear that.

And I was really glad I did that because that sms-ing marathon lasted for 1 week and each night it lasted at least 4-5 hours. He was on the road for 1 week in Asia for business and he spent his night time sms-ing me to flirt and tease me. It was exciting, fun and tiring at the same time. Haha!! Yes, I was tired because my fingers were pressing the buttons non-stop on my phone. But I had so much fun that I actually didn’t mind at all.

I remembered there was a night he had to hangout with his colleagues after dinner so he told me to wait up for him to get back to the hotel room so that he could SMS me. I told him ok and I believed he got back around midnight (KL time) and he text me to see if I was still up. I told him yes and we spent about 2 hours chatting thru smses!! Earlier in the evening, we spent another 2 hours doing the same thing. So why didn’t we just called each other instead as it would cost us the same amount of money?? It wasn’t about the money. It was just purely more fun to text our thoughts and desires to each other than verbalized it!!! Hehe!

He was in Shanghai then Hong Kong then Bangkok and finally KL. He surprised me when he replied my sms asking me to show him the new lace thong I received from Victoria Secret I told him about in the afternoon. When I read his message a warning alert went off inside me, suspecting that he could be in KL, but I pushed it aside as I didn’t think it was possible since he didn’t tell me anything the night before that he was making his way to KL. No hint or whatsoever. So I just brushed it aside and didn’t want to get my hope high.

I replied back to him how the heck to show him when he wasn’t in the same place as me?? Then he replied back, “I hope you like surprise.”!!! When I read that, my suspicion was 90% confirmed but I still wanted to be sure so I told him yes I like surprises and what he had in mind. I sent another SMS to ask him, “Are you in town.??”  At the same time his sms came in and confirmed my suspicion. Imagined my excitement when I knew for sure he was in town. I asked him why he didn’t tell me the night before. He said he wasn’t sure of his plan as there was a possibility he had to fly back to Singapore directly so he didn’t want to disappoint me. Anyway, he said what was important now was that he was in town and I got a pleasant surprised :-)!!! So sweet of him!!! He asked me to meet me  in Mandarin Oriental where he was staying. I changed and went to see him.

We had about 3 hours of fun time together. Lots of crazy things happened. I didn’t stay the night because his big boss from US was also travelling with him. But it was ok with me because I had a great time even though it was only 3 hours. Hehe!!

Now you guys know why me and Peter lasted so long, even after we called off our arrangement 2x in the last 4 years. We have a unique bond that is kinda hard to break and I have a feeling he will be featured in my life for much longer time frame. Whether we would still be lover or not I’m not sure. What I’m sure is that he will be my good friend!!! That’s what is important to me!!  Friendship will be forever if one knows how to cherish a friend. And Peter is a person I like to have in my life forever if it is possible!! We have liked each other since the 1st time we met at a business meeting. That was in 2006. He could still remember what I wore on the 1st time we met! Unbelievable!

I hope our friendship will last forever!


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