Fortune Sticks from Wong Tai Sin

Wong Tai Sin is a very famous and popular temple in Hong Kong. It is also a temple that I visited often to pray and asked for blessings whenever I visited Hong Kong. During my last week trip, I did that. Beside praying and asked for blessings, I also asked the God Wong Tai Sin for guidance. I asked guidance for 3 areas of my life – wealth, love and career. I got myself 3 different number fortune sticks for each of the areas I wanted guidance. After getting the fortune sticks, I went to look for the fortune teller to explain to me the meaning of the 3 different sticks in relation to my questions. There are many fortune tellers located within the temple. This temple is very popular and famous in HK as well as international visitors. A must visit temple.

So what did the fortune sticks said? I went to see a woman fortune teller that I consulted regularly who operates a small shop at the Wong Tai Sin temple.

Fortune sticks from 1- 100 number

Wealth – According to the fortune stick, if I put my mind to achieving my goals, I will get it. My wealth will be hard earned and I don’t have luck for gambling. Haha 🤑. The guidance was to go all out to chase my goals irregardless of what people have to say about it 😀.

Career – According to the fortune stick, have to plan, strategize and observe before execution or else it will not yield the result I want. So have to tread carefully and prepare contingency plans.

Love – Bad!!!! Stay away from relationship for the remainder of the year. She asked if I’m attached or single. Told her I’m single and she said good. I asked why? She explained that even if there is a guy, the guy isn’t sincere with his feelings towards me. There will be lying and cheating in the relationship. She said even though the Goat year supposed to be good for me to be in relationship, unfortunately it isn’t in my case. I will be lied to and my heart will be broken. So fucking true!! It happened to me in the beginning of the year when Peter admitted he lied to me and deeply hurt me with his baseless and cruel accusation.

When I heard what she explained to me according to the fortune stick I got, I was like OMG!!!! Scarily and unbelievably accurate. If it was my 1st time to get consultation for the fortune sticks, I wouldn’t believed it. But it wasn’t and Wong Tai Sin is a very powerful and accurate God. I know it is hard for non-chinese to believe what I just wrote, but try it and find out for yourself if you have the chance to visit the temple.

Using the number from the fortune sticks, you get the above piece of paper and go to the fortune teller to explain to you the meaning stated in the paper. Your question need to be specific and even the same number will give different answer as it depends on your question. It cost HKD25 per paper explanation.

I also asked a very direct and personal question using the following (refer to picture). I don’t know what is it called in English, but it is to get a YES or No answer from God. A YES will be one side open and 1 side close as shown in the photo. A NO will be both face down. If both face up, means the God is laughing. I’m serious. Ask any Chinese who goes to temple to pray, they will confirm what I just explained and wrote 😃.

So what was my personal question? Hmmmmm……….it was related to Peter & I. I asked if we are still fated and will he reaches out to me again and the answer was YES. Not once, but both times I asked, it was a resounding YES!! I asked 2x just to be sure and I even said if it is a NO, please give me both face down, but instead I got the above – YES & YES! I was like no way!! This must be a joke. I swear if it wasn’t Wong Tai Sin I would had laughed it off. But because I know how accurate this God is especially when it is related to me, I dare not take it lightly and laugh it off.

I told my best friend Gloria what happened and she was like NO WAY, but she did agree with me that it could be true. But then she is hoping it won’t be as she is really pissed off with the way Peter treated me and handled the whole situation. Gloria said he can choose to be with his W, but he could be a better man. Instead of accusing and hurting me with his meanness and selfish actions, he could man up. A 13 years old boy made the statement – “A true gentleman will never hurt and treat a woman badly”. The boy who said that is my another best friend, Nora, youngest son. I was like whoa…..even a boy is a better man than Peter.

Anyway, long story short…….whatever is destined to happen will happen when the time is right. I’m not going to waste my time thinking and worrying about it. Maybe it is true I haven’t finish repaying the debts I owe Peter in my past life. Chinese belief in past life and I know it sounded absurd and far fetched, but I have no other explanation. I’m not too concern and worry about if Peter will comes back into my life or not. Personally, my money is on NO. I know him well to know how he thinks and acts. So the chance of him waltzing back in is super duper low. Hahaha

Bottomline, I believe Wong Tai Sin and will continue to seek his blessings and guidance. Visit the place when you guys are in Hong Kong 😀!



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