Narate Kathong

All these pieces were painted by a very talented Thai artist, Narate Kathong. I first fell in love with his works when I was shopping for furniture for my new home about 4 years ago. I saw his paintings in a shop that sells unique carved wood pieces. I enquired about the paintings and the price quoted was exorbitant so I started to google his works and found an art gallery in Australia that sells his paintings. I wrote to the art gallery to enquire about the pricing and after much bargaining, I placed an order for 3 pieces and those paintings are now hanging on the walls of my humble condo. Love it a lot.

Total I own 4 paintings. The 4th one is not being shown here. These pieces have increased in value. But when I bought it, I never thought the value would increased. I bought it because I love his works. Simple but yet captivating.

Anyway, you can find more of his works at Tusk Gallery.



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