What is Meaning of Life? (written 29.10.12)

Sometimes I couldn’t help wondering what’s life all about? Why are we brought to this planet earth? What are we supposed to do while we are here and alive?? Are we supposed to live each day as a survivor until our time is up and die or are we supposed to live a more meaningful life?? If we are supposed to live a meaningful life, then we need to understand the meaning of life and why we were borne and put on this planet earth??

Personally I’m searching for the meaning of life. At least for the meaning of my own life. I’m trying to search for the meaning of life so that I can live a more fulfill life. it is actually quite meaningless to just eat, sleep, work and repeat the same cycle on a daily basis until I die!!! I didn’t have a great childhood, but that didn’t turn me into a bitter person. I’m very positive about life, but I find myself at this cross road where I’m questioning myself on how I want to live the remainder journey of my life.

I’m really curious to find out why God created us and put us on this earth. It must have reasons and what are the reasons. Are the reasons the same for each and everyone of us?? Personally I don’t think the reasons are the same for each and everyone and I think some are lucky enough to find the true meaning of life and some don’t and will never ever find out. I’m wondering if I would be lucky enough to find out the true meaning of my life on this planet!!!

I don’t want my time on this planet to be just a long-term guest that come and go without contributing back to the society. I really don’t want my life to be about work and making money only because then my life is not very meaningful. I’m not saying that making money is meaningless and having $$$$ is not a good thing, but at certain point in my life money isn’t everything for me anymore. I need money to maintain my lifestyles, hence I’m still working my butts off trying to make as much $$$$$ as possible and in the shortest time possible, if I can :-)!!!

If someone asks me today what I want from my life or how I want to spend the rest of my life, I can answer the person surely that working until the age of 55 isn’t in my book at all. Helping the needy, especially the children is definitely in my book. The one thing that I really want to spend my time doing when my financial situation is more stable and I don’t need to worry about how to pay off my debts. If I could, I would want to open an orphanage. I’m a staunch believer that children is our future and they should be given a chance to make it in this world. I’m not a saint, I couldn’t help all the underprivileged children, but I would do my best to help as much as I could.

If I’m truthful to myself, something is missing from my life right now and I couldn’t pinpoint what is the thing that is missing from my life. I know it isn’t a man because I don’t think having a man in my life will complete me. It is also nothing to do with luxury goods because owning it doesn’t satisfy me as much as a few years ago when I first started owning it. Nowadays when I spent money it was because I felt like spending and not because I really want it. I know is unhealthy, but I need to fill the missing ‘thing’ until I could figure out what is missing from my life or the true meaning of my life.

I asked a friend and he didn’t give me any useful insights at all so I’m still at square one. About 2 hours ago I read a story about a successful Dr who made millions by the age of 40 and he thought he was at the top of the world because he could afford anything and everything he wanted, but then out of the blue, he was diagnosed with stage 4B lung cancer. No signs whatsoever. It was a minor checkup and it turned out to be the biggest shocked and surprised of his life. He mentioned he neglected God when he was at his peak and on top of the world and he thought it was solely his own efforts that got him to where he was. He didn’t believe in God. But at the end he had too as well because God showed him that he wasn’t a superman. Whatever he had were given by God.

He made a statement “to be happy, is to be successful. And to be successful, is to be wealthy.” He lived by this motto until he was diagnosed with stage 4B cancer. I think I’m luckier than him because I realized much earlier than him that happiness doesn’t comes from being successful and wealthy. It comes from within myself and my satisfaction and appreciation of all the things I have in life. I’m also luckier than him because I know for a fact that whatever I have today are given by God and without God’s blessing I might not get to where I am today and having a nice lifestyle. That’s why I really want to find out the meaning of life, at least the meaning of life for me!!!!

I asked a few more friends and got some views from them. Most of them didn’t think about what is the meaning of life meant to them? But 1 thing for sure is that they are helping people in their own way :-)!! It was actually interesting to hear their stories and honestly I’m so happy that they are my friends. They are the new friends I made during my recent HK trip when I attended my gf’s wedding. I was the maid of honor and they were the bridesmaids and groomsmen. I thought people in HK are too busy with making money and their own life to be able to find time to do charity, but I was wrong. I’m happy to be wronged this time :-)!! haha!

After thinking deeper and more thoroughly, I think I have found what I want to do in the 2nd part of my life journey – to set up a charity foundation so that I can help more people in need. And to leave an imprint on earth after I have died. Anyway this is just my wishful thinking!!

What I hope to achieve now is to understand the meaning of life?? Wish me luck! And I would also like to wish all my readers the best of luck in trying to find out their own meaning of life :-)!

Please share with me if anyone out there knows the meaning of life because it will help me greatly to understand better. Thanks in advance.


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