Recklessness, Fearlessness and Craziness

are the foundation of who I’m. For the past 2 months I lost it, but now I got it back. In fact, instead of 100% it is 150%. What does that mean? It means I’m ready to accept any challenges throw at me and I’m ready to play showhand in order to win. I’m playing to win and I’m dead set about achieving my goals. I’ll go after what I want and no one can stop me. It means I don’t give a fuck about what people think of me and I’m ready to lose it all. When I’m ready to lose it all, I have nothing to lose. That’s the scary part. I know myself too well. When I’m in such a mindset, it means only 1 thing. Don’t fucking challenge me because I will rise above the challenge and make sure whoever is playing against me will lose. Sounds scary right? Haha. Yes I’m.

To achieve the ultimate goal, I need to have the utmost positive thinking. I didn’t have it for the past 2 months, but now I have it back. I pulled myself out of darkness and all I see now is light. Before, I was indulged in negative thinking but now everything is positive and again I’m able to see goodness and beauty even in an ugly and dark situation. I’m very proud and happy how far I had made it. I seriously don’t give a fuck what people think of me.

Yes, I maybe a fool for still loving Peter, but you know what, I’m human and I have feeling. I’m not going to hide my feeling to please anyone. I’m not going to deny my own feeling because if I do that I’m cheating myself of being truly me. I will never do that to myself. I love myself too much to treat my own self with disrespect. By respecting my feelings and emotions, I’m honouring what makes me ME :-)! Don’t think everyone can understand or agree with me, is ok! I live my life for me, myself and I!

So let’s the game begin……:-)! Welcome back Serena!!


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