Likes & Dislikes – Peter Wittendorp


a) His brain 1st and foremost is the main attraction for me. His mental stimulation is as potent as physical sex itself for me. I can never have enough of his mental stimulations and challenges (is not everyday I get to meet a man who can stimulate and give me so much adrenalin high by just his words. and that’s main reason I was so hooked by him and didn’t want to lose it)

b) his wicked sense of humour………made me laughed so hard and a very happy woman

c) his baldness…..adds a mysterious air to him

d) his accented voice…….makes him sound sexy

e) his height and built ………always like a man who is taller than me

f) his cheekiness and flirtatious nature when he wasn’t too engrossed in his work

g) his directness and openness

h) his seriousness and intensity when he works

i) his manliness and calmness in handling my blogs situation (some men might had walked away without a word. for this i gave him a full credit)

j) keeping his word not to MIA on me without explanation (appreciate him for that)

k) his muscles (based on the pic)

l) his vivid memories (honestly, it is scary but sexy at the same time because I couldn’t BS him. haha)

m) his patient explaining his situation to me (sometimes he treats me like a big kid. Haha)



a) talking in morse code……double layer meaning in some of his words

b) his reluctant to share his thoughts and feelings with me (better now)

c) his hesitant to open up to me about his past (better now as he did shared a bit more about himself and his past)

d) his expectation of me to be able to control my emotion even when I was at my lowest point (i’m a woman, i don’t keep my emotions bottled up like men do. haha)

e) he withdrew back into his cocoon when he felt I was giving him indirect pressure or when he thought i had an emotional breakdown (now better, because he asked me directly instead of pulling back)

f) his broken promises to me (i understood why, but doesn’t mean I will let him off the hook so easily. for me, promises made to a good friend is also as important as promises made to family and relative)

g) lately his constant reminder that bottom-line we are friends (ok I heard him loud and clear. i’m not that delusional about the situation)

h) his selfishness sometimes (he can be vulnerable and needy, but I can’t. haha. double standard)

i) his lack of concerns when I was sick (he never asked me how i was feeling the next day even when I told him i was sick the day before. but then he has so much on his mind, I understand. Just that it would be nice to hear him ask me occasionally)

j) his assumptions about my emotional state, feelings and thoughts for him (he underestimated me many times)

k) he thinks i’m happy go lucky 365 days – i’m 95% of the year, but 5% of the year I’ll have my lowest point and i just hope he doesn’t runs away when that happens

that are all I can think of for now…….maybe as I get to know him better, I might have more things I like and dislike about him. hahaha.

and i’m sure he has his lists of likes and dislikes about me.


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