Freedom is precious and free. It is our choice to keep our freedom or compromise or to give it up entirely. People who say they don’t have a choice are coward unless they are in jail. If they are not in jail, but let their decision bind them until they think/feel they don’t have freedom is their choice to do so!!! Don’t blame it on circumstances. We created the circumstances. We don’t want to change the circumstances to give us back our freedom. We tie down our own freedom until we suffocate ourselves. And still we will blame circumstances because that’s the easiest thing to do and accept.

We don’t want to face the fact that things have changed. We prefer to stay in the miserable situation that is locking up our freedom than to break away from it. Our stubbornness is also our downfall. It stop us from getting the real happiness. I used to feel sad for those people who to tell me they don’t have a choice to choose their freedom, but now I don’t. Even for those who are in jail, it was their own actions that have caused them to be jailed!!!

Hence the decision we make will determine the level of freedom we have. I’m lucky I have the freedom to choose whatever I want to do in my life to a high degree. If I’m debt free, I will have ultimate freedom because then I don’t need to work to pay off my loans. My mind will be free from worrying about the monthly bills. But since I still have loans, I can’t have total freedom. I need to work to pay off my debts until I sell it or pay it off.

But as to living my personal life, I have the freedom to choose to do what I want and who I want to be with. After a short SMS conversation with Dino, I know what I have to do now to gain back my freedom entirely and never subject myself to the mercy of anyone again.

I always trust Dino to give it to me directly without sugarcoating. Actually I have came to the conclusion myself, but just wanted to hear Dino’s views. Dino knows how stubborn I can be. Hahahah. Is just like in business. If I make up my mind I want to do something, I will not give up halfway. But of course when it comes to my personal life it is slightly different, but then my stubbornness is still presence. Hahahaha.

Anyway, for those of you guys who say you don’t have freedom, please ask yourself why you don’t have freedom and what you can do to gain back your freedom. If making drastic changes are what you have to do, then fucking do it. Don’t wait until you breath your last breath because then it will be too late to do it!!!!!


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