Charity is very dear to my heart, especially helping under privilege children. I started sponsoring children when I was studying in university and stopped for a few years after I returned to Malaysia. I picked it up again about 10 years or so ago.

I always believe that children are the most innocent and defenceless. They were brought to this world without a choice to choose and I strongly feel that they should be given a chance to have a shot to make it in this world. And education is the way out for them. Gloria asked me what is my 10 years plans or goals. I told her I didn’t plan so far ahead, but 1 thing for sure is that I would like to dedicate more of time and energy into charity works when I’m more financially stable. I want to give back to society for all the things I have been blessed with. Is my own little way to repay back God’s generosity towards me throughout the years. I’m very grateful for all the things I have now.

Currently I’m sponsoring over 20 children under World Vision. I used to sponsor 50 children, but due to no income for 2.5 years I had to reduce the number to more than 50%, but I’m slowly increasing the numbers again. I intend to increase back the number to 50 by 2017. I want to my part and give the under privilege children a chance to go to school so that they can have a chance to contribute back to society when they grow up.

It is my goal to set up a charity foundation for children and also to build a school in a rural area. Most people think that building a business empire should be the main goal in life, but not for me. For me, building a successful charity foundation is the ultimate goal in my life. And I hope that my future partner will share my vision and goal too. I want a man who is compassionate. He can be successful in business, but he must possess compassion and would want to give back and not just take and take and take. I would want him to be more involve in charity. A compassionate and caring man are more attractive than those men who just want to make money. I will encourage my better half to be less money minded and more charity oriented.

What’s the point of being successful in business, but doesn’t has compassion. I can’t live with such type of man. In the past, when Peter always mentioned how much his limited edition guitars are going to worth in the future, it actually cheesed me off. I honestly don’t care about whether the value of the guitars increase or not. He bought it because he loves playing guitar and he wants to collect, so even if the value doesn’t increase it doesn’t matter. But for him it is also an investment, which I understand. But to keep telling me how much this or that guitar will be worth a few years down the road was a major turned off especially when I don’t give a fuck about his money. Numerous time I told him that. Anyway, my point is that he isn’t a compassionate and charitable man. At least not that I’m aware off.

Anyway, the only long-term goal I have set for myself is to be involved in charity. This is a permanent goal and dream of mine 😀😀!


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