Our kisses, his kissing (Peter Wittendorp & I)

Our first kiss happened around 7-8 years ago at KL Hilton. I still remember how it happened. The week before he arrived in KL for a biz trip, we had been chatting and smsing nightly for a few hours. Our phone conversations and messaging normally lasted at least 2 hours and it started since we first met. Forgot the exact content of the chats as it was so long ago. So how could I remember the first kiss and how it happened? Well, because it was a very memorable night and I lost a bet to him hence his reward was supposed to be ‘a kiss’,which was supposed to a quick peck, but then he played cheat and it ended up as a long deep french kiss :-)! It lasted for at least a minute. It wasn’t quick. And it was tender and sweet. Not sloppy for sure! Hahahaha! When we came up for breath, I told him he played cheat and we both laughed! He said no…..it was ‘a kiss’, just not a quick one since I never specified anything about the kiss. Hahahaha! He was so cheeky and flirty. Of course, we had more kissing after the 1st kiss. We sat on the sofa and we talked. I lay my head on his broad shoulder. It was a sweet and  innocent night as we just kissed. Hahaha ya! I thought he was a gentleman back then and an honest man.

I didn’t want to stay in the room so we decided to go dancing at Zeta bar. In the bar, he enjoyed looking at me dancing. He was admiring my long legs ;-)! Since the live band was loud, we had to stand very close to each other to talk. We laughed at each other silly jokes and he even took my hand to feel his muscular chest. It was hairy, but not too hairy. Haha. It was definitely a very memorable 1st kiss with him.

Fast forward to last year in HK, his kisses were more passionate, hungry and aggressive, but yet sexy. His lips were still soft and his french kissing skill was still good. I could feel from his kissing that he was craving for me. And I was too. He showed me his very minor scar on his head due to a surgery to remove a malignant skin cancer. I planted a kiss on his scar. He keeps a bald head and it suits him perfectly. He showed me a picture of him in a wig (big afro hair) as part of his Halloween costume in 2014 and he looked awful!! Couldn’t recognised him at all. hahaha. So he looks more suave and smart as a baldy! He also surprised me when he kissed me goodnite before he doze off. The room was dark but somehow he managed to locate my face and planted a kiss on my lips and said goodnite. I wished he could kiss me goodnite and good morning daily, but I knew it wouldn’t be forever. I had asked him face to face when we were in HK. Even though he might wanted it, but he will never fight for us. I told him that countless time. At that time I thought he was going to get a divorce from her as per what he told me repetitively.

Oh ya, we also kissed inside the lift on the way up to our room after dinner at a very nice Italian restaurant. Before we went back to the room, we actually had a drink at the lobby bar. He had a cough  so I told him to drink hot brandy. It was only the 2 of us at the bar and he asked me why I was unhappy earlier? What was I thinking? He asked me to tell him. He was very insistent, but gentle. I told him he had to give me a kiss and he did gave me a short sweet kiss :-)! And I told him why? I told him it was because I was going to miss him as he would be travelling for 3 weeks and I wouldn’t be seeing him or talked to him daily. He said he would called and messaged me when he got to USA. But he messaged me the following day when he was in Japan.

Anyway, he had given me some good memories. I know by sharing with the world our experienced, it will upset and anger him to the max, but I have to do it for my own reason. Maybe 1 day I will disclose my reason in my blog. For now, I will just do what I want. He isn’t in my life anymore and even if he is, he doesn’t controls me or what I do. A lying cheating man doesn’t deserves to have me as his friend. Thank god he is out of my life.


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