Without fail (wrote on 22.1.15)

Without fail, we will have some misunderstanding every few weeks and I will be jolted back to my senses that it is better to just be friends with him than having him as a lover. He is just too much for a simple and straightforward Leo woman like me. I like directness and openness; he likes to keep every thoughts and feelings to himself, wraps up in his own mind. Asking him to share is like asking him to jump into a shark’s den!!!

I’ll not give in this time. If he doesn’t get in touch with me 1st, I won’t. I’m tired of making the 1st moves all the time. I don’t want to be nice and forgiving anymore since he doesn’t appreciate it. He is just being impossible to me and keep taking and taking and taking. And I’m to blame as well because I allowed him to do take without putting a stop to it in the early stages. Is ok, I will start doing it now.

We are not lover, so nothing for me to lose. At best, is his friendship. I can live with that. I already told myself that I won’t allow this man to affect me anymore after Jan 6, so I have to honour the promise I made to myself because if I don’t then I’m not respecting myself enough.

My life has always been great and fabulous before he walked back in, hence, his presence will not affect me at all. And I won’t allow him to affect me anymore. 1 year was enough. Beside, he never keeps his promises!!! I was foolish to keep finding excuses for him and forgave him. Which I shouldn’t had done it, but I did. What can I say? I have a big heart and a very forgiving nature. My weakness and my strength as well. A curse!! Hahahaha

Anyway, enough about this man……tired, tired, tired!!!


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