Rock Climbing on 14.3.16

This afternoon I tried indoor rock climbing for the first time with my sister-in-law and it was fun. I had always wanted to try rock climbing, but been putting it off for a long time with stupid excuses. But not today. Today I went ahead to try and I enjoyed it a lot. It was an hour lesson with marshall to guide and showed us how to climb. We tried 3 walls and I managed to successfully complete 1 wall only. The other 2 walls, I only managed to climb about 40-50% only. Haha.

My sister-in-law was good. Quick and agile like a monkey. LOL! A 3 years old kid laughed at me for being slow. Haha. Well, I think I need to go more often to become better. Is a good sport to adopt. In the past I was worried that I didn’t have the arm strength and also my legs might gave up on me as well. I thought I wasn’t physically ready to climb, but that wasn’t the case.

I failed because I didn’t feel secure even though it was very safe and secure to climb. I had a mental fear that I was going to fall and hit the wall badly. Or scratched myself against the walls. None of that happened. Also I was thinking too much about where to step and grip. I should had just trust my guts instinct and just climbed. I will definitely do that the next time.

Another 1 item checked off my bucket lists. My life is definitely getting more interesting, fun and adventurous after turning 40 years old last year. I’m embracing and celebrating the next decade of my life by doing things that I never dare to do when I was younger.

Rock climbing is just like life. Sometimes we have it easy, sometimes we have it hard. There are times we want to give up, but most of the times we need to keep going. We can take a break, but we shouldn’t give up. There will always be obstacles in our life. Obstacles and challenges are thrown to us to make us grow and learn, hence never run away from it. Face it, endure it and learn from it.

And sometimes, we don’t need to plan and think too much. Just follow your guts instinct and goes with the flow. Live in the moment because tomorrow isn’t here yet and yesterday is a past! We only have NOW!! So enjoy it while you have it. Always remember and remind yourself that!


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