Organ donor signed up

Yesterday (23.10.14) I did something that I never thought about doing until 2 nights ago when I watched a mini-series. In that episode, the characters were talking about signing up to become an organ donor after death and a bulb was lighted up in my brain that I should do that as well.

I thought to myself that if my organs are still useful when I die, it should be donated to someone who needs it so that the other person has a 2nd chance in life. Life is about giving back. It isn’t just about taking and taking and taking.

I just want to give back because at the end of the day I can never take away anything when I die. If we are more giving and tolerant of each other, the world will be a better and peaceful place to live.

I told my dad and he asked me why I had such thought suddenly. I told him my reasons and he supported me. I wish my future partner will support my decision too, but I will not know until I have one in my life. For now, it is purely my own decision to make.


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