My playground – Nexo Restaurant & Bar

My baby, my playground, my pride and joy, will not be mine anymore starting from July.

28 months of owning and running this restaurant and tonight I bade farewell to it with a few good friends. Next month onwards it will belongs to a new owner.

This restaurant gave me a lot of great memories. Our pre-opening was on Jan 10th 2014. We rushed to open because we had an ex HK TVB Artist, Kate Tsui (picture below), coming to attend a friend birthday dinner which was held at Nexo. I could still remember that we were all rushing and working till very late the night before the event to make sure everything were in placed. And our furnitures were delayed so we had to use rented furniture. It was crazy and exciting at the same time.

There were some hiccups on that night, but overall it was a good night and it was a privilege to have Kate Tsui as our 1st guest of honour.


Subsequently, I had the opportunities to meet a few more HK celebrities thanks to my younger brother’s connection. Below were a few of the celebrities.

IMG_7919Ron Ng Cheuk Hei & I


Ron Ng, Tavia Yeung (white dress) & Nancy Wu (yellow dress)

Without the restaurant, I wouldn’t had the opportunities to host them and be closed up to them. They looked pretty and handsome even without any make up.

Aside from HK celebrities, I had also made a lot of new friends, expanding my circle of friends and enriching my life. Some of these friends will be lifelong friends. Aside from friendship, I also learned how to enjoy fine wines, good whiskeys, brandy and good food. And most importantly, my dream of owning a restaurant and bar is fulfilled and checked off my bucket lists.

A lot of people said I was crazy to open a restaurant and bar as F&B is a tough business and even more tougher for me because I didn’t had any experienced prior to Nexo so me and my partners we literally jumped in blind. We made so many mistakes and learned from it. It became my full-time job, but without a salary. So for 2 full years, not only I didn’t get any salary, I also need to pump in more money to the restaurant to keep it afloat. And finally, we decided it was time to give up as we couldn’t  think of any more ways to stabilise the business.

It had also became too stressful for me, worrying about the business, sales and expenses. I was the one who ran the entire business and I just got fed up and tired. We lost substantial money, but I have no regret. It doesn’t scare me away from still wanting to own a restaurant & bar in the future. I still want to have a place of my own to hangout with my friends and make more new friends. I will be smarter and prepared in my next F&B venture.

So this is just a temporary goodbye from F&B industry. I SHALL BE BACK :-)!! 

Thank you to all my regular clients and friends who supported us since our opening. You guys had gave me a lot of memorable and wonderful experienced. I shall end this post by sharing an article reviewed on Nexo.

I look terrible in the picture. Haha. No make up plus strong light ;-)! Anyway, I’m very proud of myself because I fulfilled my dream! No regret!


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