Internet harassment-Posted on 28.4.16

About 2 months ago, I became the victim of a vicious internet harassment by an unknown person or persons. I was shocked and surprised to be targeted as I know very well I didn’t offend anyone until to be so hated. Later I found out I became an innocent victim of circumstances. I was scared, shocked and very worried. I still am, but in lesser degree. Why? Because I won’t allow this internet harassment to affect my life. Yes, I’m feeling vulnerable and unprotected as whoever is harassing me knows who I’m. I’m in the open, this person/persons is/are in the dark. I don’t know when it will stop?I don’t know how bad it will get? I don’t know how much damage repair I have to do at a later stage? And the level of damage to my reputation?

I have no freaking clues. I just hope and pray that it will stop soon. I just pray hard I won’t be a victim anymore. The saying that ‘life is like a movie’ describe my current situation perfectly. I’m having a prolong bad dream! Hopefully soon the bad dream will stop!

Well, now is time for me to sleep and try to dream of something good and beautiful……

Goodnite beautiful world 🙂


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