To kick start my day, I will give myself a genuine smile after I woke up every morning. I will stand in front of the mirror in my bathroom and smile at myself until I get a genuine smile. The first smile is always hard and not genuine. The second one is definitely better than the first. You have to keep smiling until you get a genuine out of yourself. Meaning the smile is not force and it comes from the heart. For me, I usually can give myself a genuine smile on the second or third tries.

So why do I need to give myself a genuine smile every morning after I woke up?? Because it makes me happy and cheerful. What better way to start a day then to reward myself with a genuine smile. It makes me feel good and allows me to think positively. It makes me feel lucky that I’m alive for another day. Hahaha!!

Also, smiling makes me look younger because I will have less wrinkle as I frown less :-)! I shared this with a few of my friends and they did tried to do it, but they said it was hard to smile when they don’t have a reason to smile. That’s my point!!!

You don’t need a reason to smile!! You don’t need to wait for someone to make you smile!

You SMILE because you want to treat yourself good. You give yourself a genuine smile every morning because you feel lucky that you have a job, your health and etc. These are good reasons for you to reward yourself with a smile.

Yes, there are times when things in life don’t go the way we plan or want and we couldn’t seem to find the energy to smile as issues are weighing heavily on our mind and bringing us down. I understand. I went thru that sometimes too. But then those are the very reasons why we need to SMILE every morning because when we give ourself a genuine smile, we are re-energizing our mind and body with positive energy!!

We need the positive energy to find solutions to our problems. Hence, try to SMILE every morning when you look at yourself in the mirror. Make it a daily habit and you can see a different in the way you look at your problems. It works for me and I sure hope it works for you too :-)!


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