1 of my best friend is very passionate about music. He has shared some of the music that moves or inspires him and I find it interesting. Why? Because the type of music he is passionate about I wasn’t exposed to it until he shared it with me. So I learned something new. I love to learn new things. It makes my life more interesting and colorful.

When we have passion in the things we do, we will go very far in life. Without passion, there is no excitement. Without excitement, life is boring and dull!!

What are my passions?? Travel, Wine, Whisky, Food and Charity.

Travel – I love to travel to places I have never been because I want to explore different culture, taste different food, meet interesting people and make friends along the way. I love the adventure, the unknown, the unfamiliarity and the experience when I travel to a new country. My dream is to travel to every corner  of the planet before I die. Of course, I would love to travel with my lover (if I have one), but I don’t mind exploring the world by myself. I can’t put my plans on hold just to wait until my Mr.Right turns up. What if he never turns up?? Hahaha!

Wine, Whisky & Food – I have learned so much about wine, whisky and food after owning my restaurant and bar. Now I know how to appreciate the wine, whisk and food better than before. My taste buds are enhanced and enriched :-)! I have also learned a new trade and still learning. Is still work in progress and although it can be very stressful, frustrating and tiring at times, it is still a great experienced so far. But the most valuable gift this restaurant has given me so far is – NEW FRIENDSHIP!! I have made so many new interesting friends who keep my nights occupied when I’m bored. Haha. Aside from new friendship, I have also rekindled and strengthened old friendship and nothing beats that. I’m a lucky woman because I can have a place of my own to hangout with my family, friends and also making new friends along the way.

Charity – My ultimate dream is to set up a charity organisation for under privilege children. They deserve a chance to have a shot in this world because they are our future. I’m not financially able to do this now, but I hope to be able to do so when I’m 45 years old. I wish and hope that my future lover will share this passion and dream of mine. And from next year onwards, I will allocate some of my time to charity works to gain some experience.

As you can see, all my passions are not making me money. In fact, I have to spend money for all my passions. Hahahaha! I need a job!! Who wants to offer me a job :-)??

What are you passions? It is never too late or too old to have passions. Make sure you have at least one so that when time is tough, you have your passion to keep you going and alive!

Feel free to share your passions with me :-)!


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