Memories with Peter Wittendorp

Although the time we spent together were very limited, but he gave me a few funny memories. He could really be a big kid in private and so much fun. For instance, last year March in HK, I didn’t expect him to be back so soon as he said he would finished his work around evening so I went out to met my best friend for coffee. When I got back around 4ish pm, he was already in the room. But I didn’t see him immediately when I entered the room and he didn’t greet me at all. He was seated at the work table to my right and as I entered the room I walked straight up to the living room sofa, put my handbag on the coffee table and saw him when I turned around going for my in room slippers. I got a shocked when I first saw him and asked him why he didn’t said hello, he said he wanted to observe me. And then he burst out laughing at me being blur. Haha

Second funny incident was he stood behind the sheer curtain and looked out to me. He looked like a pervert but it was really a funny scene. I laughed until my belly ached. Oh….another good one was he imitated an ape with the sound and the action when I told him he looked like one because he is hairy. Hahahaha! To see a 49 years old man acting silly was really a happy side. I missed that.

His sweet moments were when he sat at the edge of the bath tub and watched me put on my make up, getting ready to go out for dinner. It was kinda weird as I wasn’t used to letting a man looking at me putting on make up, but it was really sweet too. He also arranged my clothes neatly. Haha. Which was a surprised to me. But my most favourite was when he kissed my forehead before leaving for work as I was still half asleep. It warmed my heart and made me felt loved and protected. At that moment, I could felt he was genuine and his feeling for me was real. Fast forward today, a 180 degree changed. We always said that no matter what happened, we would always be friends because we knew each other since 10 years ago. But very unfortunate, he destroyed our friendship single handedly.

Anyway…..there were more sexy moments too, but won’t share :-)!! Hahahaha

If he reads this, he will goes ballistic! Because he wants our memories be just ours and not share with the world. In the past I would listened to him, but not anymore. I’m a fair person. Everything has to be reciprocated. Beside, he is no longer in my life so why should I care about what he wants. He never did cared about me. Treat people how you want to be treated!


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