Not going to explain

I’m not going to explain why I wrote my last post with his full identity made known. I don’t want to waste time explaining because irregardless how valid is my reason for doing so I know for sure it will be wrongly interpreted by him if 1 day he happens to stumble across my blog again and read the post. I know how he thinks too well even if we are stranger now. He never bothers to ask and hear the reasons. He just like to assume. Assumption is his middle name.

In fact, I can see and understand him more clearly now than before. Before I was trying to blind myself to his flaws and constantly find reasons to excuse him, but now that I don’t need to do that I can actually see thru to him clearly. And knowing him well it means once he has made up his mind on an issue, he will stick by it. Anyway,  I don’t need anyone permission to write what I want especially when I’m writing fact.

I really don’t want to explain so I’m not going to do so. All I will say is I didn’t write that post with malicious intention. Plus what matter the most is my conscience is cleared, which it is. That’s all I’m going to say and that is all that matters to me :-)!

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