Life is a Journey

Life is a journey to be experienced to the maximum because we are only given one life, one chance to be on this earth. The journey will varies for each and everyone of us even if similarities are to be found in our journey because everyone of us handle our life journey differently. Therefore, it is absolutely rare for two different people to have the same exact journey. Even twins have their own differences.

The only thing all the 7 billion people on this earth share in common is the final destination – 6 feet under or cremated to ash. Death is the only thing we all share without the exception. When are we going to die, how are we going to die, where we are going to die, who is with us when we die – is  different for each of us. If the final destination is already been predetermined for us and there is nothing we can do to change it, then it is even more imperative that we make our life journey an exciting, a fabulous and a colourful one because this is the only part we can control to certain extend!!

The journey might be short – a few mins, a few hours, a few days, a few weeks or a few months and it might be long – a few decades or even a century. For those whose journey were a short one, there were nothing they could had done and experienced.

But for those of us who have the privilege to live a long life, we should make the journey a great one so that when we die we have no regrets. In our journey, we will encounter obstacles and challenges that make us feel shitty about life, make us want to give up and call it quits. This is part of the journey. How we deal with the shitty part of the journey will determine how fabulous our life journey is going to be in the future!

For me, I deal with the shitty part by being optimistic and positive about my life. I think back about all the good times I had experienced, how lucky I’m to be where I’m today, what I have achieved to date and filled my mind with positive thoughts. I always believe that there is a will, there is a way. I just need to look harder or search a bit longer to find the solutions/answers to my obstacles/road blocks.

Because of my positivity, I rarely have long sad period in my life. Maybe 2 weeks in a year only my mood is really really shitty and down. I’m not a saint, so I still have my down moment. But I never allow myself to feel shitty for too long. I always set a timeline for myself when I need to get back up and charge ahead.

And when I have decided to charge back, there is nothing to stop me. No one can persuade me to change course except myself. This is my own life journey, so I call the shot!!! Most people think I have a fabulous and colourful life journey and honestly, I do!!!

Every half a year I will review and examine my yearly life journey and see what I like and don’t like, what needs to be improved or discarded and how I want to continue the remainder of the yearly journey. It is like a pit stop where you pump in more fuel, change the tires and do whatever you need to do to finish the race :-)!

And I also promise myself that every year my journey will be better than the last one. I need to improve and evolve on a yearly basis and progress with time. 2015 will be a year of big change for me. It is already happening and for those who knows me deeply they have started to see the changes. For those who  think they know me well, they will not be able to notice the changes :-)! I will share some of the changes I have implemented in my new journey in my future posts.

Make your life journey a great one. Never ever allow anyone to stop you from progressing and improving your journey because you only have 1 chance at LIFE!! Don’t let anyone rob or deny you of your true journey. If you need to remove toxic people (friends, spouse, partners, relatives) from your life journey, do it!! If you feel that changing certain things in your life journey will make it more fulfilling and fabulous, do it!! Never ever give yourself too many excuses on why you shouldn’t do it. Instead give yourself all the excuses/reasons to do it!!

Just remember – Life Is A Journey and the definition of journey for me is “making progress from one stage to another on a yearly basis” and that includes travelling too. Hahaha!


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